"Small Bug, Great Hope" Default Replacement for Toddlers with an Outifit by Amaryll
Okay, so this all came from a self-bet, I decided to do this yesterday, and i betted that i could make this, and post it all on the same day, and here we are.


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"Back one year After" Content Dump
Well "Almost" one year after my last post, but anyway, What you'll find here was ment to be posted a little earlier, but then i got bored, and after "almost" one year here we are:

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"Dirty Critters" Grungy Recolours of the Wormrat Cage.
Hi, here's something new for sims that have a little pet and are experiencing apocalypse, or just for those sims that bougth the cages from a thrift store or got it from the junkyard.

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"Scholar 'till Death" Default Replacement for Teen/Adult/Elder Females with Textures by Cosette
Hi, this is my first post on lifejournal, if you already know me from Tumblr, TSD or any other forums, great, if it's the first time you meet me, this is all you have to know, I'm a 17 year old guy who enjoys to play the sims, right now i've been playing the Apocalypse challenge, and these sure come in handy.

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